Silica gel desiccant pack/sachet/pouch/packet
Wide pore silica gel granule

Flower drying silica gel desiccant


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Flower drying silica gel desiccant is designed for flower drying application. It could be reused and also have humidity indicating function if mix orange or blue silica gel with white silica gel powder. Size range is 0.3-1mm, 0.5-1mm as client demands. It could be used in making dry flowers in short time.


Flower drying silica gel  desiccant is used in making dry flowers.


Technical data

                                           Item                                     Specification
Appearance White crystal, white crystal + blue, white crystal + orange
Size 0.3-1mm, 0.5-1.0mm
Bulk density(kg/m3) ≥650
Silicone dioxide content ≥98.5%
Specific Heat(kj/kg ℃) 0.92
Moisture content 2% or 5%


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