FNG silica gel/Water resistant silica gel
Blue silica gel

Silica gel desiccant-white beads/granules


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Silica gel desiccant is the most popular used desiccant in the food, drug, healthcare, electronics, clothing and textile industries as an effective way to package products.


Adsorb moisture and keep things dry.

【Technical data】

Item      Standard      Standard
A type Micro-pore silica gel beads A type Micro-pored silica gel granule
Adsorption capacity%≥ RH20% 8 8
RH50% 20 20
RH90% 30 30
bulk density g/l 720 670
silica %≥ 98 98
loss on heating %≤ 5.0 5.0
specified size ratio %≥ 90 90
size mm 2-4mm/3-5mm/4-8mm 1-4mm/2-8mm
package 25kg/bag
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