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Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) silica gel is a kind of micro-pored silica gel. Average pore size 20-30, specific surface 650-800/g, pore volume 0.35-0.45 ml/g


(PSA) silica gel is suitable for drying, moisture-proof and rust-proof. It can prevent dampness of instruments, instruments, weapons and ammunition, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food, textiles and other packaging materials. It can also be used as catalyst carrier and dehydration refining of organic compounds. It can be used as an air purifier to control air temperature because of its obvious hygroscopicity at high bulk density and low humidity. It is also widely used in shipping, because the goods are often damp and deteriorated due to high temperature in the process of transportation. The product can effectively dehumidify and moistureproof, so that the quality of goods can be guaranteed. Fine porous silica gel is also commonly used for dehumidification between two parallel sealed window panels, which can maintain the transparency of the two layers of glass.

【Technical data

Item Specifications (2-5mm) Typical values
Adsorption capacity % RH=20%,% ≥ 10.5 11.7
RH=50%,% ≥ 23.0 28.8
RH=90%,% ≥ 36.0 38.4
Loss on heating, % ≤ 2 1.1
Qualified ratio of spherical granules, % ≥ 90 92.5
Bulk density, g/l ≥ 720 782
Qualified size ratio, % ≥ 94 99.6
Still adsorption capacity, ml/g N2:1.31 CO2 :29.6



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