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Silica gel has the characteristics of strong adsorption, quick and effective adsorption of moisture, stable chemical properties, non-toxic and harmless in sealed packaging. In addition, with the continuous innovation and development in recent years, various kinds of silica gel have been widely used in drug purification, DNA separation, food drying, high-quality electronics, advanced cosmetics, sewage purification, beer purification. High-grade paint and resin production or preservation.

Silica gel is often used in the following areas:

1. Precision optical instruments, electronic appliances, dry anti-mildew packaging;

2. Leather drying, such as placed in leather clothes, bags, shoes to play a role in drying and quality preservation;

3. In the aspect of food drying, it is often found in biscuits and fried foods to ensure that the food is crisp.

4. Drug drying, put in the bottle to ensure the extension of the shelf life of drugs;

5. Container drying: Containers transported in different latitudes will form “internal rain” in the container. If you use silica gel desiccant, it can absorb water equivalent to its own weight.           In the process of ocean transportation for up to 50 days, it can effectively reduce dew point and control the condensation phenomenon of the container.

6. Hotel articles, such as placed in the wardrobe, shoes and under the bed, absorb all kinds of odors, keep the air dry and fresh.


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