Blue Silica Gel
Blue bead or lump, when absorbing moisture, the color will change to kind of pink.

Product Details


Mainly used for drying and indicating the humidity, widely used in Precision instruments, Pharmaceutical industry, Petroleum and gas industry, Chemical industry, Food industry, Clothing industry, Household appliances industry, Aviation industry, Military industry and Power industry.

Technical Data:

Adsorption capacity/吸附 @ T:25℃, 48hRH=20%, %≥8
RH=40%, %≥18
RH=80%, %≥28
SiO2%, ≥98
Pore diameter/孔径Å20-30
Bulk density/松散堆积g/l, ≥700
Loss on heating/加热减量%, ≤3.0
Qualified size ratio/粒度合格率%, ≥98
Packing/包装25kg/bag, 25kg/drum, 150kg/drum, 800kg/jumbo bag

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