Water - resistant (FNG) Silica Gel
FNG silica gel is white bead. Compared with normal silica gel, it has better water resistance, no cracking in water and long service life.

Product Details


● Used for drying and purifying compressed air and as adsorbent for acetylene and carbon dioxide in air separation industry.

● Used as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier for petrochemical, power and brewing industries.

● Used as buffer desiccant for ordinary silica gel protective bed.

Technical Data:

Adsorption capacity/吸附% ≥3672
Pore diameter/孔径Å20-3085-110A
Bulk density/松散堆积g/l600—700400—500
Loss on heating/加热减量%≤5.05.0
No breaking rate/不炸裂率 % ≥9595
Qualified size ratio/粒度合格率% ≥9595
Packing/包装20/25kg bags/drums, 150kg/drum, jumbo bag

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