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Silica sol is a colloidal solution of amorphous silica dispersed in water. Because silicon dioxide has surface reactive hydroxyl groups, it can react and bond with hydroxyl, amino, ester groups, etc., and has a wide range of application.


Silica sol is used for coating material or coating, to improve the hardness, quick drying, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and waterproof performance of the coating;
Silica sol is used in papermaking and other industries with high requirements for particle size uniformity and surface activity to improve the adhesion and cohesiveness of paper fibers; For the post-treatment of finished paper, the paper can be coated with sizing to improve its gloss and ink absorption. For corrugated paper, it can improve its friction resistance;
Silica sol is used in the shell making process of precision casting. The shell can withstand high temperature to 1640 ℃ and improve the shell making strength;


Silica sol is used for ceramic surface treatment to improve the surface gloss and stain resistance of polished bricks, marble bricks, quartz bricks, etc;
Silica sol is used for petroleum, coal and other industries as molecular sieve catalyst to form the main molecular framework of catalyst carrier;
Silica sol is used in refractory materials, such as refractory layers of glass and wires, and refractory fibers;
Silica sol is used for battery industry: ordinary lead-acid battery has a short service life, using silica sol can greatly improve the service life of the battery, effectively prevents the leakage and overflow of sulfuric acid, and avoids environmental pollution;
Silica sol is used for textile industry: it can be used as sizing aid for diameter spinning to reduce the end breakage rate. Adding silica sol to the textile resin can prevent the yarn from slipping, make the fabric neat and dry, and control the luster of the fabric. When silica sol is used in fabric dyeing, it can form excellent protective solution and increase the adhesion of dyeing due to its cohesiveness;
Silica sol is used as clarificant in soy sauce, fruit vinegar, juice, beer and other drinks’ processing;
Silica sol is used for CMP polishing, surface treatment of stainless steel, metal, glass, sapphire, silicon wafer and chip to flatten them.

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