How to use silica gel to make beer a longer shelf life?


Silica gel can adsorb the proteins in the beer and make the beer longer shelf life.  

Silica gel is suitable for use in brewery production lines with diatomaceous earth filters, and can be added to the filter's pre-coating tanks and adders in the same way as diatomaceous earth

Batch or continuous addition of silica gel is used after fermentation and before filtration. Adding in batches: Put it into a tank full of beer at one time, keep the adsorption time for more than 5 minutes, and the silica gel can be completely removed in the filtration. Continuous addition: According to the calculated amount, continuously add to the beer, and pass through a container that can keep the contact time for more than 3 minutes, and then pass through the filter.

For the preparation of suspension, silica gel should be mixed with cold deoxygenated water or beer with 10%-20% suspension before adding to the mainstream of beer. It is recommended to use carbon dioxide in the pulping process to prevent the intake of oxygen. It should be stirred and agglomerated before adding. The suspension should be used within 5 days under low-speed stirring.

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